Uniquely Made, Uniquely Beautiful

I create all my pieces from beginning to end, mixing the clay by hand to create unique colors and shades, shaping, sanding and assembling... all in my own home while my two beautiful boys run wild. Each piece is uniquely made by me, so please allow slight variations in color and shape.

Hi, I'm Briana.

My journey with Bumble Bee started in 2020 when I wanted to contribute more to my family and give my boys the childhood they deserve. Today Bumble Bee has grown into something I could never have imagined — a community of incredible women who lift each other up, spread joy, and live life with a little extra color.

Never Miss a Drop!

The Bumble Bee crew tends to swarm the shop pretty quickly when a new collection drops. Make sure you follow along in the Facebook group to get drop previews and updates!